¥ 50,000 SOLD OUT






photo: Chris D'Angelo
model: Nathan Decety
Third Look: Industry/Periphery/Reconstruction. Chicago's development was largely supported by the industrial sector. Today, however, Chicago has lost much of its industrial character and employment, resulting in dilapidated neighborhoods where there was once plentiful employment in factories. In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire, referenced in this look by the makeup and the fabric which looks fireproof, brought change to the downtown area through the reconstruction which followed, giving Chicago its characteristic skyline seen today. This look, constructed from drawstring emergency supply bags representing the gravity of the situation faced by the ailing periphery, and featuring customized Jika-tabi(地下足袋), a Japanese working-class shoe, applies that past to the industrial periphery of Chicago today, in decline from the globalization of industry, and struggling for a new role, a new identity.